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Remote Diagnostics

Dispensing System DiagnosticsPowerful tool allows viewing machine status in real time with access to all inputs, outputs and all axes of motion.

Great for setup and debugging the system and working out or modifying a program. All buttons are user labeled for clear identification and change color when activated.

Includes: Motion Control, Inputs, Outputs, Limits.

This Remote Diagnostic file resides on the Compact Flash card in every machine.

Optimize Motion Path Function

Left image is imported from a “raw” DXF file. Note the motions are erratic with no optimization. The Optimize function will redraw the image “looking ahead” to connect points for a logical continuous contouring motion. The algorithm will also control the connected circles to execute in CW and CCW motion (figure 8) for no change in velocity during the dispensing cycle. Furthermore, the program is greatly shortened.

Dispensing System Motion Path


Pre Programmed Dispensing System FunctionsPre Programmed Functions

That’s right. No programming experience required. Instead, intuitive graphical based dialog screens step the user through setup of canned functions.

Just fill in the blanks and save the file. Several files may reside on the CF card in the machine.

Your program simply “calls” that file by name and all the motion, outputs, timers, etc occur automatically.

Fill – Cap – Scale

These files are just three of the dozens of functions available with our Windows Software Suite.

Cap and Fill Robot