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Common Dispensing ControlsCommon Controls

All systems share our exclusive Robotic Embedded Control System (RECS) with built-in motion and I/O controller.

A bright LCD screen and 16 key touchpad provide the interface. No PC is required.

This dual memory processor along with Compact Flash card is the latest embedded control technology available today.

Easy ConnectionConnection Flexibility

The machine is connectable to your network (LAN) or RS-232. Hundreds of files may be stored on the machine for quick changeover.

Bar ScannerBar code scanner input will allow automatic job selection from a work order, label, etc.

Additional I/O and component interfaces are available to satisfy virtually any application

Dispensing SecurityProtects Your Investment

Each machine includes a security file that enables only the features, settings and controls required for the task.

This file is user configurable and password protected.

Visual Dispensing PatternVisual Pattern Layout Screen

Import images of your parts directly into the software and use them for a template to set up your dispensing pattern. Supports several file types.

Dispensing Job ReportHistory Files

A convenient history function displays detailed production information at the touch of a button. Date & time may be recorded to each machine cycle.

A Copy and Print function is included for production reporting.

Built-In Digital Valve & Syringe Controller

Built-In Digital Valve & Syringe Controller

No external valve/syringe controller is required. This means much faster response times because all motion patterns and valves are controlled in “real time” from the main program.

Furthermore, editing a program is all done in one file.

Dynamic Program BuilderDynamic Program Builder

Build your dispense path / program with the dynamic editor. Draws the path as you type it or as you teach it directly from the machine.