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Automated Vial and Bottle
Filling and Capping


Automate your your manual vial and bottle filling, tipping and capping operations with a precise and affordable bench top robot. These versatile, yet affordable robotic dispensing systems are designed to automate and streamline manual bottle or vial filling and capping, and other labor-intensive operations. Let us customize a precision automatic vial and bottle filling solution to meet your needs.

Ring Dex Vial and Bottle Filling and Capping Robot

The Ring Dex Automated Benchtop Dispensing Robot

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This bench (or table) top dispensing robot is ideal for automating...

  • Filling vials
  • Filling cryovials
  • Filling test tubes
  • Filling bottles
  • Filling / capping
  • Filling containers
  • Filling jars
  • Lab filling
  • Peristaltic filling
  • Positive displacement filling
  • Aseptic filling

Built-in Pump - Advanced Filling

Advanced Filling Performance with Built-in Digital Pump Control

Fill files control the peristaltic (or positive displacement) pump with simple menu entry:

  • Volume
  • Position
  • Diving nozzle
  • Snuff-back
  • Logic (additional)

A limitless number of Fill files may exist in the machine. Ideal for future expansion.

Built-in Pump - Advanced Filling

On Board Pump Calibration

Allows calibrating the peristaltic pump with the system controls. Just enter the actual weight from a sample. Automatically adjusts all encoder values. Several pump files may exist for different tubing sizes, nozzles, etc.

Control Capping

Control Capping Torque & Cap Pitch

Cap files control the station with simple menu entry of pre-programmed parameters:

  • Bottle height
  • Cap thread data
  • RPM & number of turns
  • Torque

A limitless number of Fill files may exist in the machine. Ideal for future expansion.

Screw On or Snap Fit Caps

Ideal for Screw-on or Snap-fit Caps!

Containers may be processed with their caps screwed on or with the caps supplied loose. Software logic is included for either scenario.


Automate Vial and Bottle Filling,
Tipping and Capping Operations

The Ring Dex system provides a unique solution for streamlining your manual filling, tipping, capping and assembly operations with one precise and affordable bench top package.

The machine consists of work stations mounted around a centrally located indexing ring.

Programmable, High-Speed Benchtop Dispensing

  • Pre Programmed Station Cycles
  • Smooth & Quiet Operation
  • Look Ahead Motion Technology

Dials are removable for quick changeover. Great for processing families of small bottles & vials.

Our exclusive "Soft Torque" dial features adjustable speed and torque control.

Embedded Technology with Network Connectivity

Latest Embedded Technology

Network Connectivity for Speed & Reliability

Barcode ScannerEach work station is self contained and includes an embedded processor and CF memory card for true multi-tasking & real time performance. The base machine and stations are internally network connected for speed & reliability. The Ring Dex is menu driven and may be controlled from the front panel touch pad /LCD or the “virtual pendant” on your PC. A bar code scanner input is included as well.

A True File Based Solution

The obvious advantages of a file based system:

"Your machine will be better tomorrow than it is today."

The ability to upgrade the machine’s software by downloading a single file, ensures that your investment will be as prudent as it is productive.

The Ring Dex Robot is the Operator's Choice!

Just press the foot pedal. Your operators will appreciate the ergonomics and ease of use with the dispensing robot’s setup, its calibration and file management systems. Your techs will love the zero maintenance, machine tool quality construction.

Scale Files

Scale Files

Track Bottle Filling Production Data

Production logging information is stored during each cycle.

The History file may be accessed from the Windows Suite and then printed, copied into a report or saved as a spread sheet file.

Ring Dex - The Affordable Benchtop Robot


Ring Dex Vial and Bottle Filling Robot Diagram

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