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Dispensing System FunctionsDozens of Functions

Cloning is one of the many time saving features that are included in the control package.

Define in standard Row/Column format or import custom points from a CAD file.

This dual memory processor along with Compact Flash card is the latest embedded control technology available today.

Machine Tool Quality Dispensing SystemsMachine Tool Quality

Next generation digital brushless High Torque programmable motors and ultra-precise lead screws provide the performance that Dispense Works systems are known for.

Modular Dispensing System ControllerModular Controller Design

Plug in components and processor allow quick changeover for serviceability and easy custom expansion.

Dispensing Robot

Control by Color

Simply import the motion path from your CAD file. If you teach the path with the machine, the pattern will be drawn on the screen with G code that you may save and edit. Then change the colors on the entities (lines, arcs, dots, etc) to control. Now fill in the numbers in the Tool file for speeds, depths, settings, etc. No other system comes close to this power / simplicity ratio. It really is that simple!

Dispensing CAD File Import