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A World of Robotic Dispensing and Assembly Solutions

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Our multi-industry dispensing equipment experience and success can be combined and applied to your next project. Common applications include: Liquid and Fluid Dispensing, Adhesive Dispensing, UV Material and Curing, Solder Paste Dispensing, 2 Part Meter Mix Epoxy Dispensing, and more.

2 Part Meter/Mix RP-2415 System

2 Part Meter/Mix RP-2415
Robotic Dispensing System

Automatically dispenses from standard cartridges. With “stretched” X axis.

Ultra Precise 2” thick Granite Base System

Ultra Precise 2” Thick Granite Base
Robotic Dispensing System

Unique programmable brushless auger valve directly controlled by system vector speed.

2 Part Meter/Mix System

2 Part Meter/Mix System
Dispensing robot with overhead gantry available in several configurations and travel lengths.

Micro Machining with Spindle

Micro Machining Robot with Spindle
Machining panels and prototyping parts from DXF , PLT & G-Code files.


Dual Head Ink/Paint Applicator

Dual Head Ink/Paint Applicator
Robot with 24” x 15” Work Area

Pallet system streamlines production by allowing operator to load/unload a 2nd pallet during machine cycle. With Center-Shift software controlled valve shuttle.

UV dispenser with 6oz Cannister

UV Dispenser with 6oz Cannister
Accurate robotic dispensing of UV cure materials on a PC board array.

PC Board Rework and R&D

PC Board Rework and R&D
Benchtop robotic machining with control and features to satisfy most applications.

2 Part Meter/Mix Epoxy Applicator

2 Part Meter/Mix Epoxy Applicator
Robot dispenses sealants from most industry standard cartridges and tubes 200 – 400 ml.

RTV Silicone from Caulk Tube

RTV Silicone from Caulk Tube Robot
1/10 gallon piggyback caulk tube holder/valve with Quad fixture.