Robotic Applications

A World of Robotic Dispensing and Assembly Solutions

Robotic Dispensing Equipment Application Gallery - Page 7

Our multi-industry dispensing equipment experience and success can be combined and applied to your next project. Common applications include: Liquid and Fluid Dispensing, Adhesive Dispensing, UV Material and Curing, Solder Paste Dispensing, 2 Part Meter Mix Epoxy Dispensing, and more.

RP 1215 X with Granite Base & Vision

RP 1215X Robot with
Granite Base & Vision

Auger valve with carbide components. Capable of 0.0075” (190 micron) dots.

Axis 300 with Auger Valve & Tooling

Axis 300 Robot with
Auger Valve & Tooling

Dispensing grease into plastic cavities. Custom vacuum hold down fixturing.

Axis 300 with 1 Gallon Pressure Pot

Axis 300 Robot with
1 Gallon Pressure Pot

General purpose dispenser with diaphragm valve and pressure pot, software controlled.

MG 2412 with 6 Heads and Conveyor

MG 2412 Robotic Dispensing System
with 6 Heads and Conveyor

Includes independent control of 6 dispense valves and pallets on roller conveyor system.

RP 1215 with Positive Displacement Syringe

RP 1215 Robot with Positive
Displacement Syringe

True positive displacement glass syringe system driven directly by the robot. Pre programmed.

Axis 500 with 1/10 Gallon Canister

Axis 500 Robot with
1/10 Gallon Canister
22” x 22” Travel. Includes high pressure spool valve and caulk tube pressure canister.

Axis 300 with Exclusive Rotating Tip

Axis 300 Robot with
Exclusive Rotating Tip

Programmable tip allows “reaching” into grooves, inside diameters, etc.

RP 1215 RTV Valve, and Pick & Place

RP 1215 Robot with RTV
Valve, and Pick & Place

With 5 gallon pail pump, laser sensor and scale for shot size verification.

Ring Dex 14 with Rotating Nests

Ring Dex 14 Robot with Rotating Nests
Dispense adhesive inside lamp housings. Removable disc” nests for quick changeover.