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A World of Robotic Dispensing and Assembly Solutions

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Our multi-industry dispensing equipment experience and success can be combined and applied to your next project. Common applications include: Liquid and Fluid Dispensing, Adhesive Dispensing, UV Material and Curing, Solder Paste Dispensing, 2 Part Meter Mix Epoxy Dispensing, and more.

Axis 300 system with TeachCam Vision

Axis 300 Robotic System
with TeachCam Vision

Assists the jog & teach function using a PC vision system with cross-hair display.

Axis 300 System with 30cc Syringe

Axis 300 Robotic Dispensing
System with 30cc Syringe

Affordable robotic solution with built in digital valve control & vacuum system.

Custom Configuration

Custom Robot Configuration
Scans honeycomb part with scanner & pierces selected cells with a tool.

Paint Mixing Filling by Weight

Paint Mixing Filling by Weight Robot
PC based software allows direct formula import from web site or manual input.

BenchCat with 2 Programmable Syringes

BenchCat with 2 Programmable Syringes
dispensing 19 microliters per shot. Fully programmable volumes.

EZ-64 System with Diaphragm Valve

EZ-64 System with Diaphragm Valve
Ideal for automating that tedious and messy manual dispensing application.

Robotic Soldering System

Robotic Soldering System
Automatically feeds solder to the iron and can operate from a CAD file direct!

Axis 300 Kryptonite Dispenser

Axis 300 Kryptonite Dispenser
A great solution for dispensing onto parts in rows & columns, unless you’re Superman!

RP-2415 with 380ml 2 Part Cartridge

RP-2415 Robot with
380ml 2 Part Cartridge

Adhesive application with standard cartridge holder featuring quick change-over system.