Custom Dispensing Robots

A World of Robotic Dispensing and Assembly Solutions

Large Format Dispensing Solutions

At Dispense Works, we offer a range of large format robots that can be customized for dispensing and other production line applications. Contact us today and put our multi-industry robotic dispensing expertise to work.

Large Format  Robotic Dispensing System Large Format Robotic Dispensing Solutions

Simply the best modular dispensing tables available, our large format robotics can automate and streamline that messy manual application with accurate performance while saving material.

With Vision, part making, inspection and assembly options, we are field proven, with thousands of successful installations worldwide.

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RC Series Robots - RC Benchtop Dispenser / ConveyorRC Benchtop Dispenser / Conveyor

This system features the RC model (slip roller) conveyor with quick adjust rails to accommodate pallets of different sizes. The MG robot is attached to the framework and provides all controls and logic for full automatic production.

All mechanism and controls are mounted over head for easy access to the tooling / conveyor. Up to 16 heads may be controlled by the software. Each has a precision slide to retract when not in use.

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RD Series Robotic Dispensing System RD 2500 Robot - Large Format Fluid Dispenser

The most flexible dispensing table available. It combines a smart work bench to a built in precision overhead servo XYZ gantry system.

Mechanism are neatly tucked in and do not add to the width of the bench. This provides easy access from front, sides, and top requiring less operator “reach” to the center of the table.

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RG Series Robots - Epoxy - RTV - Thermal PasteRG Series Robots - 2 Part Positive Displacement

A 2 part epoxy required accurate placement in very precise and repeatable volumes onto circuit board components. These consisted of dots arcs and lines of varying geometries.

Dual 5 gallon pail pumps were used to deliver the materials to the positive displacement head which performed the meter / mixing and dispensing operation using the DW Inc 4th axis servo to accurately displace material while “following” the robot’s X Y Z motion path.

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